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What could have been: How Kellen Moore stacks up against Heisman finalists

The 2009 Heisman Trophy ceremony will take place tomorrow night sans perhaps the nation's best player in Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. Score update: College football 13, Rationality 0.

How does Moore compare to the New York-bound Heisman Trophy finalists? Join me after the jump for a comparison, and share your Heisman vote in the comments.



Tim Tebow

College football's BFF was predestined to find his way to New York for this year's Heisman ceremony. Tebow's numbers might not back up his candidacy (3.8 yards per carry, 18 TD passes), but his overwhelming charisma does the trick.

What Kellen Moore could beat him at: Passing TDs, QB efficiency rating, wins, consistency, left-handed throwing contests, audibles, undefeated regular seasons, Mark Johnson popularity contest

What he could beat Kellen Moore at: crying, man pheromones, Heisman trophies, national championships, concussions, magazine covers, girlfriend hyperbole, Jesus popularity contest



Colt McCoy

McCoy might be the front-runner in one of the tightest Heisman races in history, due solely to his not receiving the award last year. The Texas QB had a stellar 2008, followed up by a hit-or-miss 2009 (including a 20-for-36, 3 INT championship game). Fortunately for him, he has lazy, misinformed sports journalists on his side.

What Kellen Moore could beat him at: passing TDs, QB efficiency rating, grasp of clock rules, fewer 3-INT games, Sports Illustrated features about pluckiness, text messages to Case Keenum

What he could beat Kellen Moore at: running the read option, throwing to Jordan Shipley, number of babies in the Texas area named after him, pictures with football sledgehammers



Mark Ingram

Ingram is the driving force of the No. 1 team in the country, which will pretty much guarantee you some Heisman votes every single time. His 1,500 yards and 15 TDs aren't lights out, but when you're the leader of the national championship favorites, they don't have to be.

What Kellen Moore could beat him at: percentage of team's total offense, recovered fumbles from center, average margin of victory over conference opponent, intimate knowledge of Nevada's secondary, staring contest

What he could beat Kellen Moore at: Running with the ball, poll ranking, national championship game appearances, fathers who played in the NFL, 100-yard games against Chattanooga



Toby Gerhart

Gerhart's numbers (1,700 yards, 26 TDs) dwarf those of Ingram, but the one thing hurting Gerhart's candidacy the most is that Stanford did not win its conference. Can a player win the Heisman by playing on an above average Pac-10 team?

What Kellen Moore could beat him at: wins, undefeated regular seasons, conference championships, BCS ranking, ESP, inspiring an entire region with his QB play, times described as "not prototypical"

What he could beat Kellen Moore at: baseball, TD runs, stiff arms, comparisons to John Riggins, future Snapple endorsements



Ndamukong Suh

Nebraska's dominating defensive tackle worked his way into Heisman consideration with a Big XII championship game for the ages. The road is tough for a defensive Heisman candidate. Does Suh's resume warrant a Charles Woodson-type honor?

What Kellen Moore could beat him at: maybe a foot race, name pronunciation, conference championships, not losing to Iowa State

What he could beat Kellen Moore at: arm wrestling, feats of strength, NFL draft position, girth

The official vote of OBNUG, which is not really all that official

The Heisman Trophy seeks to award the "most outstanding college football player" in the country. With that in mind, Tebow and McCoy are out, more linemen should be in, and the decision between Gerhart, Ingram, and Suh is a tough one. I'll go with Suh because he found a way to have an impact despite constant double- and triple-teams. I wouldn't be upset if either Ingram or Gerhart won it, though.

Your turn

Who do you think will win the Heisman on Saturday? Will you be watching? Will Kellen Moore get a New York invite before his career is up? Leave your thoughts in the comments.