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Why do you hate the Idaho Vandals?

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With the Idaho Vandals coming into town for the first meaningful rivalry game in a long time, I thought it would be a good idea to get rivalry week started by bonding as Bronco fans under the homogenous umbrella of despising the Vandals.

Why do you hate Idaho? What memories stand out that epitomize the emotions of this rivalry? Got any good rivalry-related stories to share? I'll get things kicked off after the jump, and then I'm opening it up to anything and everything in the comments. Have at it. Enjoy. Go Broncos.

I'll let you readers hit on some of the more egregious Vandal transgressions of the past. Me? I only need to jump back to last year for my moment of Vandal disgust.

On the first play from scrimmage in last year's Bronco-Vandal game, Nathan Enderle threw a lazy pass to the sideline where Daniel Hardy caught it, was three-quarters tackled by a Boise defender, then jumped up and ran 81 yards to the end zone. The Vandal sideline went wild as if camouflage jorts just went on clearance at K-Mart. It was ridiculous. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that the camera shots of the Idaho players and coaches were their reactions to leaked footage of Larry the Cable Guy's Witless Protection 2. I feared that Robb Akey would have a heart attack and no one would notice because his coaching strategy wouldn't change that much.

The Vandals should have acted like they'd been there before, even if they didn't get back there all game long. Having a rival who celebrates first quarter touchdowns as if they cure cancerAIDS is embarrassing, depressing, and infuriating. The best remedy for this sort of behavior? Making sure Idaho doesn't even reach the end zone on Saturday.

Your turn: Why do you hate the Idaho Vandals? Let it out in the comments.