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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 9 Results

Another week, another set of national games that somehow come back to bite Boise State. Well, at least we can profit off of Oregon's win by getting free Baja Fresh.

Join me after the jump for this week's pick 'em results.

Our long nightmare continues, more chapters ensuing

Last week it was TCU. This week it's Oregon. Next week? Possibly Ohio State? After a pretty convincing win in Week One, I sure didn't think we'd be at the point where we had to defend Boise State's superiority over Oregon. Apparently there is a point of diminishing returns with this Oregon team's success and its impact on Boise State.

An overwhelming 39 of you picked Oregon last week. Thankfully, six others joined me in going with USC. I mean, normally they show up for the big games, right?

Oh those Vandals

From our favorite "celebrity" Vandal Saturday before the game:

Real college football game gonna start La Tech vs Idaho.

Now I realize that Vandal fans haven't had a lot to cheer about for awhile. I understand that, so I can appreciate their exuberance. They're playing with house money. But, for the rest of us, it's time to realize that the Vandals aren't nearly as good as their fans want you to believe. A one-point win over Louisiana Tech at home proves that.

35 of you joined me last week in riding the Vandal bandwagon. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's time for me to bail. 

Thank you, Doug Martin

Kevan already covered this when awarding his game balls, but big thanks from the 43 of us who picked Boise State to covered. 

The other 3 of you? How dare you doubt.

The Apocalypse is nigh

A crazy thing happened this weekend, and I'm not referring to the Titans actually winning a game here in Nashville.

We had yet another tie atop the leaderboard. Amazingly, we had a 6-way tie all getting 6 games correct. That wasn't it, though. Included in this tie was BroncoFeverOBNUG InternMooreWalksOnWaterBSUFlyboyGobluebroncs and Kevan. Yep, you read that correctly. Week 9 rolled around and Kevan has hit his stride.

Onward to the tiebreaker

Good thing we have this tiebreaker, or else we would be out of Baja Fresh gift certificates already. Here's how the 6 finished in the tiebreaker:

  1. Gobluebroncs - 57
  2. MooreWalksOnWater - 59
  3. OBNUG Intern - 60
  4. BSUFlyboy - 61
  5. Kevan Lee - 42
  6. BroncoFever - 65

That means Gobluebroncs walks away with the free Baja Fresh this week.

Honorable mentions go out to killtacular and Romaisvaje for nailing the tiebreaker with guesses of 52.