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OBNUG BlogPoll Week Nine: Over this poll's dead body, Oregon

MKingery is out this week, so ignore the byline above. The BlogPoll has been left in the perfectly incapable hands of me, Kevan Lee. Can I get through this whole thing without a nervous breakdown? Probably not, but we'll see. After the jump find out how high the Ducks went, how low the Trojans fell, and who the real top BCS team is. And as always, your comments help form the final BlogPoll ballot, so let me know what you'd change.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida 2
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 1
4 Boise State
5 TCU 1
6 Iowa 1
7 Oregon
9 Cincinnati 1
10 Georgia Tech 1
11 Virginia Tech 1
12 Penn State 1
13 Pittsburgh 1
14 Southern Cal 5
15 Houston
16 Notre Dame 3
17 Ohio State
18 Wisconsin 2
19 Oklahoma State 3
20 Arizona 1
21 Miami (Florida) 4
22 California
23 Temple
24 Utah
25 Auburn
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: West Virginia (#18), South Carolina (#22), Central Michigan (#23).


Some notes:

USC fell five spots to No. 14 and Oregon stayed the same at No. 7. What's that? A sensible reaction to a fairly predictable result? This is why the NCAA bigwigs can never let the BlogPoll see the light of day. With Oregon ranked appropriately prior to the game, there is no need to overinflate their value after a home win against the Trojans. Do you think the Ducks have reached their ceiling as a one-loss team? Are they the best one-loss team in the country?

Florida's impressive win over Georgia bumped the Gators up two spots in the poll, back to No. 1 overall. Is that being too kind?

Iowa and TCU flip-flopped after the Hawkeyes kept being the Hawkeyes and underwhelming against low quality opponents. Should they be higher than No. 6?

Hey, look! It's Temple!

How is everyone feeling about LSU? The Tigers are No. 8, in front of the undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats. Anyone screaming blasphemy?

Idaho did not receive consideration for the poll in large part because I hate them. Is this a good enough reason to leave the Vandals out? What will it take to get them more votes?

As always, comment away and change whatever you'd like with this week's BlogPoll. Democracy!