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Bullet points: the Pack sent packing

In a steady drizzle on Friday night, the Broncos delivered once again...claiming their 7th WAC championship and turning away the streaking Nevada Wolf Pack. The game was everything a championship game is supposed to be thanks to a Bronco cold streak on both sides of halftime, but in the end, the good guys prevailed (was there any doubt?). I'm just getting my voice back, so allow me to upload the rest of my thoughts and observations from the Black Friday extravaganza.

  • I knew the Broncos were all business when they strolled out of the tunnel arm in arm. Some people (like me) may have been a bit confused at first, but watching them emerge from the smoke as a team showed me they were ready for battle.
  • I think it's time for Dan Paul to move back to linebacker...I think he met his TD quota at fullback.
  • Speaking of which...have you ever seen better playfakes? Nevada was fooled time after time as Paul slipped quietly into wide-openness. Maybe the Nevada D had been hypnotized by Luke Lippencott's dad.
  • Titus Young came to play this season. I couldn't have scripted a better start to the game than Titus' fumblerooski kickoff return—and I tried.
  • Jeremy Avery is the Broncos' 1,000 yard rusher, but Doug Martin can flat-out carry this team when asked to. Avery is slippery, quick, and a dangerous homerun threat out of the backfield or as a receiver—but Martin just seems to want it more. You can't stop a guy that runs with that kind of conviction. Was Martin's 2-yard-loss-turned-16-yard-scamper not beautiful to behold?
  • I suspended my "no booing" clause for about 10 minutes on Friday night. The 3rd down phantom P.I. call that extended Nevada's drive (they got a field goal out of it) was one of the worst calls I've ever seen.
  • For the second game in a row, Kellen wasn't über crisp. Sure, he finished with 5 TDs, but his completion percentage wasn't anything to write home about. Lest you think I'm complaining about a 5 TD 0 INT night...I'm not. Last week, Kellen was off—Friday night, Austin Pettis got injured. Pettis is a huge safety net for Kellen, and the younger wide receivers just aren't there yet. I guess what I'm saying is: get well soon, Austin!
  • Kirby Moore had a breakthrough night. Absolutely clutch 4th quarter TD grab and a few other nice pickups. First game where I felt he really made his presence known. Of course, had the Wolf Pack scored after his fumble, I might've have been harder on the guy.
  • Colin Kaepernick has two types of throws: Laser-guided missile and 5-yarder off the turf. I really haven't seen anything else. I'm convinced that his real worth to the team is the mere threat of running, as it throws off the secondary's timing by a hair. This was evidenced by a baffled Brandyn Thompson laying facedown on the turf after thinking he'd jumped a route and by Kaep's last TD pass where two Bronco DBs converged in front of the receiver both thinking a pick was imminent. All in all, the Broncos minimized Kaepernick's impact on Friday. Coach Wilcox: give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Chris Ault is a Hall of Fame coach? Where was the urgency in the 4th quarter when the Pack had gone down by 18? I've never seen a team down by 3 scores and with only 5 minutes remaining slowly saunter to the line, let the play clock wind down and then run dive plays to the middle of the field! Coach Ault apparently is some kind of legend, but I've personally witnessed him blow multiple games with his coaching "prowess' and he as good as waved a white flag late in the 4th quarter. Was a win probable for the Wolf Pack at that point? Heck, no...but at least try for cryin' out loud.
  • Anyone else glad we're finishing up with New Mexico State? We were the walking wounded by game's end and I honestly think we could beat the Aggies with our second team. Hopefully Derrell Acrey and Daron Mackey's injuries aren't too serious and Austin Pettis will seek a second opinion.
  • Say it with me: And that's another Bronco...WAC championship! Feels good.