This would be a HUGE slap in the face of all that is dear and holy


"I would assume like in most in years, a Boise State or any highly ranked team that gets left out of the BCS, it is going to want to play the best available team," said Little Caesars Pizza Bowl and International Bowl Executive Director Ken Hoffman. "The Mid-American Conference is going to have a couple of them that are very good, in particular Central Michigan, Temple and Ohio are likely to have strong records and likely ranked at that point." Seriously, this would be an affront to me as a Bronco fan. I, for one, have never watched any of these bowls because, let's be serious, they've never had any teams worth watching. I'd rather BSU sat home for the bowl season or play a craptastic MWC team. That way, we could pound the snot out of the MWC. There would be SOME satisfaction in that. The bowls listed in the article are some of the lowest grossing bowls, I believe. I dunno, maybe I'm sounding more like an elite BCS-type team, but I think it's justly deserved. These are 2nd/3rd tier bowls and are typically relegated with barely-.500 teams. As a fan, why would I want my team playing flash-in-the-pan teams like Central Michigan, Ohio or Temple. Thoughts? Comments?

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