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OBNUG Pick 'Em - Week 12 Results

Week 12 has come and gone. Only a few more weeks until the onslaught of bowl games - and yes, we'll be picking all of those as well.

Join me after the jump for a recap of the week that was and to find out the winner of free Baja Fresh.

Les Miles at least made some gamblers happy

The comedy of errors that ended the LSU vs Ole Miss game last week gave the two fan bases collective heart attacks, but LSU did cover. It sure did make our winner this week happy.

In the end, this LSU loss might hurt Boise State's BCS chances since they were a 3rd SEC team in the top 14 that would not have been eligible for a BCS bowl. However, it sure did feel good to see Les Miles' incompetence on the sideline come back to bite him. 

And yes, the sight of Houston Nutt smiling is probably enough to make some of you hurl.

So, about this Ducks team

There is no doubt that they have an explosive offense, but what is going on with their defense? I sure didn't think twice about pulling the trigger on Oregon and giving 6 points and neither did you. Of our 43 entries this week, only MooreWalksOnWater and DUKE02DEUCE picked Arizona. Mountngrown and killtacular seemed so flustered by the choices that they didn't even register a pick although both later admitted they would have gone with Oregon, too.

No doubters this week

All 43 entries this week pick Boise State to cover. It looked a little iffy there in the second quarter, but soon the flood gates opened.

Early lines so far have Boise State favored by 14 this week against Nevada. I know how I feel about this week. How about you?

Oh tiebreakers

Back yet again this week. We had 7 of you tied this week with 6 correct a piece. They were MooreWalksOnWaterFFBSUBSUTHROWBALLFOREVERBoiseStateStatueLeftFinloopio and Mountngrown (even forgetting the Oregon vs Arizona game).

With a tiebreaker guess of 69, our winner this week is Mountngrown. If you don't count the missing Oregon pick, the only other miss was Ohio State. Congrats.