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OBNUG BlogPoll Week Twelve: Is TCU the Best Team in the Country?

My time management this week has been worse than LSU's Les Miles. Thankfully, The Intern has already provided great analysis in his weekend pollwatch post.  In this week's draft BlogPoll, both Florida and Alabama drop simply for scheduling patsies this late in the season.  One question remains: What to do with TCU?  Should TCU be considered among the elite of the "Big Three"? Follow the jump to see who is #1 and post your comments and impact the final poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 2
2 Alabama 1
3 TCU 1
4 Florida 2
5 Boise State
6 Cincinnati
7 Georgia Tech
8 Oregon
9 Pittsburgh
10 Ohio State
11 Iowa 2
12 Virginia Tech 1
13 Oklahoma State 3
14 Oregon State 3
15 Clemson 6
16 Penn State 2
17 North Carolina
18 Miami (Florida) 1
19 Southern Cal 1
20 LSU 8
21 Houston 2
22 Nebraska 3
23 Wisconsin 8
24 Brigham Young
25 Temple
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Stanford (#18), Arizona (#22), Navy (#24).
Also Considered: Navy, California, Utah

TCU certainly should be considered among the elite teams this year and the top of the poll has become "The Big Four."  After looking at the schedules in depth TCU narrowly climbs to #3.  Of the four teams considered for the top spot, Texas has the best win with a road victory at Stillwater.  TCU's win over Clemson is not as impressive as ‘Bama's victory over Virginia Tech, but is more impressive than the best effort from Florida.  BYU and Utah are overrated in many polls, but those are still good wins for TCU.  The rest of the schedule is where TCU loses ground, even though only the Air Force game was ever in doubt.

  • Virginia Tech does not deserve to be ranked #12, but neither does anyone from #13 to #20.
  • Is the PAC-10 the toughest conference in the nation or just the most balanced?
  • Temple returns, bumping Navy in the process.
  • Reluctantly, BYU reenters the Top 25.
  • Utah and Central Michigan are the only 2-loss teams left out of the poll.
  • For those that are wondering about this week's opponent, I have the Wolfpack at #44. 

How would you rank the top four teams?  Who else should be considered for the top 25?