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Bullet points: Putting Utah State to bed

The Broncos are 11-0 after quite literally running all over the Utah State Aggies on Friday. Doug Martin starred in the role of hammer with the Aggies in small, non-speaking parts as the nails. We witnessed both good and bad on Friday night in Logan, but ultimately the Broncos won big against an Aggie team on the rise. Overall, I'm pleased with the win and have been saving my thoughts for the right I'll pass the savings on to you.

  • Kellen Moore was as close to mortal as he's ever going to get. He missed some throws long and didn't have his usual touch. I still contend that if the run game was stalling and he had needed to tighten things up, he would have. All things considered, 233 yards and a TD is nothing to hang one's head about. However...
  • Austin Pettis' consecutive game TD streak went the way of the dodo. Again, this was probably due more to the rousing success of the ground attack than anything Austin did. Kellen missed him long on his patented corner fade route and that was about the only real chance he had on the night to keep the streak alive.
  • The run game was just crazy productive. Avery was jukin' and jivin' and Doug was let off his leash after a few weeks of little more than 4th quarter bulldozings. Why we don't get to see more of Mad Doug week in and week out is beyond me, but the two-pronged attack we saw on Friday was frightening. Doug averaged nearly 10 yards/carry against the Aggies making Avery's otherwise awesome 7.3 YPC average look tame. The duo rushed for 6 TDs on the ground, and none were more impressive than Doug's 4-yard rumble on 4th and 1, where he gave 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th effort to get into the endzone.
  • I was very glad to see Utah State's Omar Sawyer leave the field under his own power. I thought that Jason Robinson might have combusted him. There were three vicious hits on that one Aggie drive alone, but Robinson channeled a freight train before leveling Sawyer.
  • Diondre Borel is slippery. Boise State got good pressure on the Aggie QB, and many times had him in their grasp, but Borel was able to slip tackles numerous times and buy time for his receivers. It only really gashed the Broncos on the first Aggie scoring drive, but I was impressed with Borel's self-preservation.
  • Robert Turbin looks like Coolio on steroids.
  • The Bronco D was about 65/35 on the awesome scale on Friday. They made more plays than they missed, and they really pushed the Aggies around at times, but gave up some biggies too. My grandma probably could've scored on the wide open path to the endzone that Turbin enjoyed on the second Aggie score of the night.
  • Dan Paul took the Brockel flag and ran with it. While making a lot of good blocks on the night from the fullback spot might have otherwise gone unnoticed, I was impressed with Paul's hands and speed when he joined the passing game. It could've just been me, but he sure looks faster than Brockel.
  • The only thing Titus Young can't catch is a break. Titus ran down a long 52-yard bomb that set up a Boise State score and provided impressive YAC yards on the night. His 80+ yard end-around scamper was a thing of beauty...had it not been called back on the tickiest of tack holding penalties. After the scoring-run-that-wasn't, Titus did very modest amount of celebrating and was flagged yet again for excessive celebration. Obviously the best policy for Titus would be to flip the ball to the ref and jog off the field given his history, but I actually thought Titus got a little bit picked on on that one. A teeny tiny bit.
  • Utah State is a very much improved squad. Borel and Turbin were as dangerous as advertised and they played with a whole lot more confidence than I've seen them have in some time. Anyone bummed that Boise State "only" beat them by 31 is overlooking the fact that it was the worst defeat the Aggies have had all year. Nevada, Texas A&M, and Fresno State were lucky to survive their games against USU, and ranked BYU and Utah both won by 18. I wouldn't be surprised to see Idaho lose to the Aggies next week.
  • Call me crazy, but I don't think that Borel's relative success against the Broncos is a harbinger of doom for Friday's game against Nevada and Crazy Legs Kaepernick. The main difference I saw with Borel was that his successful scrambles came on slipping tackles after the pocket collapsed. Kaepernick runs the spread in a much different manner, with called QB runs and tucking the ball when the RB option vanishes. Also, Kaepernick is less of a passing threat than Borel, in my opinion, throwing for 141 yards and hitting less than 50% passing in the last two games combined. You can bet that Boise State's game plan will be sound against the Wolf Pack and the Broncos will be 12-0 at this time next week.