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Boise State throttles Utah State 52-21

Kellen Moore had a quiet night while the running game carried the load. Jeremy Avery and Doug Martin both go over 100 yards. Titus Young would have joined them without the bogus holding call. Overall, Boise State recorded 6 rushing TD's and over 300 yards on the ground.

What did you think of Boise State's latest victory? Was Kellen off or was he just not needed as much tonight? Discuss in the comments. I'll be back in little while with some initial thoughts.

Doug Martin's coming out party

Doug Martin made the most of his chances tonight and delivered quite a performance. It all started on a crucial drive in the 2nd quarter with the score tied 7-7. The game started to have the same feel as Fresno State/Tulsa/La Tech until Martin helped jump start the offense.

Doug started off the drive with consecutive rushes of 5 and 6 yards respectively. On a 3rd and 8, Martin took a swing pass 7 yards to set up a 4th and 1. He finished the drive on a 17 yard TD run after a botched snap by Byrd. The play looked to be a draw play anyways, but he quickly picked up the loose ball and took it in.

That was just the start of the night for Doug. He racked up 122 yards on 13 carries and 4 TD's. The last one a thing of beauty as it looked like he might be stopped short on 4th and one and somehow managed to twist and keep his balance with his off hand while lunging towards the end zone.

One thing's for certain, when he gets the ball, he makes the most of it.

The running game is back

Boise State picked up 323 rushing yards and 6 TD's. Jarvis Hodge even managed to get 46 yards in garbage time.

Beyond the stats, did we finally see how Martin and Avery will be used down the stretch? While Martin excelled between the tackles tonight and hit the holes hard, Avery continued to work his magic in space. When Avery can get outside or catch the defense moving the wrong way on a misdirection play, he seems to kick it up a notch at the sight of the open field. Martin, however, seemed to run much more aggressively than Avery on plays up the middle.

Avery seems to have the first series of each half locked up, but will we finally see Martin used in short yardage and red zone opportunities? I sure hope so.

Kellen Moore looked very Un-Kellen-Moore-Like

Kellen's final stats were 15/29 for 232 yards and a TD but he seemed very inaccurate. Numerous times he seemed to have time and set up to make a throw but missed high.

The bright spot was the 51 yard bomb to Titus Young. He put it high and let Titus run under it. Young made an incredible one handed catch with a defender molesting his other arm.

Could it have been the cold? Maybe he didn't get enough sleep this week due to reading all the features written on him lately? Yeah, probably not that.

R.I.P. Austin Pettis TD streak

The casualty of Kellen's quiet night was Austin Pettis' consecutive games with a TD reception streak. Kellen overthrew one fade pattern to him in the end zone and outside of the first drive of the game, the red zone belonged to the running game tonight.

Bryan Harsin opens playbook wide open

Harsin seemed to pull out all the stops tonight. We saw a crazy shift where the left guard was originally lined up on the opposite side of the line on the outside, a double inside handoff and an option halfback pass. I'm sure I'm missing something else.

Is this play calling a product of being deeper into the season and a more experience offense? Is this indicative of just how many crazy formations, shifts and plays that Boise State has that they can burn a few playing Utah State? Was it solely to drive Nevada crazy while studying film this wee? Whatever it is, I like it.

Oh, Defense, you

Boise State's defense still seemed to be feast or famine tonight. They consistently had trouble containing Borel in the pocket tonight and the secondary had trouble staying with receivers while Borel was scrambling.

Is this a lack of discipline? I'm beginning to think that the susceptibility to the big play is due to being too aggressive. Again tonight we saw Turbin (who's scary fast by the way) past the initial line of scrimmage but then have little to no one to beat on his way towards the end zone. Are our linebackers and secondary playing so aggressive that they are getting sucked into the line of scrimmage and unable to react?

Next week, we have another mobile quarterback but one who won't scramble to buy time. Kaepernick, rather, will be scrambling to run. I have a feeling he won't hurt us as much with the pass as Borel did tonight.

Other observations

  • Coach Pete seemed very vocal on the sideline tonight, not sure if that's good or bad
  • Did you see that awesome letterman jacket Brockel was sporting on the sideline? Are those now considered retro?
  • I thought I had witnessed Jason Robinson kill a man
  • Will Titus Young be suspended from kick return duties next week due to his Usain Bolt impersonation?
  • McClellin's pick was a thing of beauty as he dropped back into coverage on a zone blitz

Your turn

What did I miss? This game was approximately 5 hours long and I feel like I don't remember much of the first quarter. What plays stood out to you as momentum shifters and game changers?