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OBNUG Pick 'Em - Week 11 Results

I'm a day late with the results due to my poor time management. As I'm tallying the results, I'm watching part ESPN's 24 hour coverage of college basketball, and Dick Vitale just said something that caught my ear. Already there has been a slew of upsets in college basketball (particularly in the SEC), and Vitale was talking about the beauty of college basketball. 

The little guy gets a chance in the tournament. Not like the TCUs and the Boise States who are going to be left out and have no shot, no chance to play for a national title in football. 

Now I have a hard time getting into college basketball before March, but I don't think anyone can disagree with Vitale on that point. It's what makes March so much better than January each year.

Join me after the jump where I'll have the results and the Baja Fresh winner and we can openly mock those who picked Idaho. It'll be a blast!

Those crazy Vandals

It's been a weird year for Idaho. They started out hot. They quickly rattled off six wins to become bowl eligible. They were covering spreads. All seemed well for our neighbors to the north. But we all knew this was too good to be true, that the other shoe was going to drop. It started with them allowing 70 points to Nevada and then losing to Fresno State two weeks later.

Even after their last couple games, a 31-point spread seemed a bit high. What if the Vandals got some crazy plays a la the 2008 matchup? What if the emotion of the game actually got to Boise State? Well, the other shoe dropped with a resounding thud Saturday afternoon. Boise State regained their killer instinct and left no doubt.

Now let's get to those who picked Idaho. I'll admit, I was tempted but I just couldn't do it. Not in this rivalry game. Here's the list: killtacular, joe bob priddymarktgartenDuckCountryBSUFanTreky7KStatueLeftFinloopioDUKE02DEUCETitoRay and our very own FFBSU.

This pick was especially crucial for TitoRay who would have been in a tie for first (and had the tiebreaker) had he picked Boise State. 

Kudos to Loque for realizing the error of his ways and correcting it in time.

Stanford is good

And USC is bad. But you guys already knew that before last week. Thirty-two of you took Stanford and the points. 

Louisiana Tech is better than we thought

I thought they would have nothing left when playing LSU after they left everything out on the field the week before against Boise State. But Derek Dooley somehow managed to motivate his team two weeks in a row.

Of course, Boise State is penalized for a 10-point win on an opponent's field, while LSU is let off the hook for a close home win. 

CougarFlounder saw all of this coming:

Louisiana Tech at #8 LSU (-24)-LA Tech: They lose by 14-20, announcers talk about how there’s no shame in playing a close game after an emotional loss in Saban bowl. 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

No, bsu415, you didn't win. But I applaud the optimism week in, week out. 

This weeks winner is the aptly named MooreWalksOnWater with a total of 7 correct picks. The only misses were LSU and Hawaii.  Well done, sir. 

Tune in tomorrow for the Week 12 pick 'em spread and your next chance at free Baja Fresh.