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Bullet points: This one goes to eleven



There was a whole lot of try in the Vandals yesterday and they did show some flashes of being bigger and better than before, but y'know what? A bigger and better bug still gets splattered all over the windshield, and Boise State did their very best Mack Truck impersonation on the Blue...dominating in all three phases of the game. I'm sure I'll do my share of gloating at work tomorrow, but for now, allow me to decompress by uploading my thoughts about yesterday's much overhyped rivalry game.

  • In less than a year, Austin Pettis has managed to do the impossible: make me forget Jeremy Childs ever played here. Good god, that kid is smooth...I'm half convinced he could catch a greased bowling ball shot out of a cannon. Kellen Moore doesn't really need it, but Pettis makes him look good.
  • Anybody know what happened to Tyler Shoemaker? He made a first down grab and then I saw him heading to the locker rooms well before halftime. Looked like he was favoring his hip a bit, but it was hard to tell.
  • After a very quiet season, it looks like Kyle Wilson has regained his All-American form. 3 picks in the last 3 games and two returned for TDs. Better stupid late hits or other such penalties to speak of.
  • I've seen the sun rise over the Rockies and the sun set off the coast of Baja, but there is no prettier sight than seeing forlorn Vandal fans leaving early in the 3rd quarter.
  • Robb Akey expressed his desire to be the most hated man in the WAC after this weekend's game. Well, you lost, Robb...but don't worry, we still hate you.
  • Anyone catch the some Vandal stragglers trying in vain to saunter over the Bronco midfield logo before the game?
  • I'll give 7 of the Vandals points to the refs. Please, I guys earned it.
  • It's too bad that DeMaundray Woolridge will be gone after this year because he is definitely a bright spot on that team. The kid is tough to bring down and is pretty nimble for being so bowling ball-esque.
  • Allow me to publicly apologize for picking against the spread this week. I hadn't done it all season, and I had a moment of weakness. Mark my words, it won't happen again.
  • Is it just me, or does Mike Coughlin's appearance in the game reliably signify that we won't score any more points?
  • Titus Young's kick return out of the endzone for a TD was as foolish as it was awesome. Just like Titus Young, actually. Carry on.
  • I don't think we'll be seeing Matt Kaiserman again this year...when it rains it pours for that poor fellow. Get well soon, Matt.
  • Michael Atkinson was far less invisible yesterday than I've seen him all year.
  • The Broncos gave up a few too many big plays yesterday for my liking, which could prove troublesome when Nevada rolls into town. I still think the Broncos defensive scheme is the most successful against the spread option and won't lose too much sleep over it.
  • 11 wins in a row over the mighty Vandals means just one more will tie their ill-gotten streak. Hold on for that one, Bronco fans...there will be much gnashing of teeth in Moscow when that one falls.
  • Vandal fans might be the only ones keeping the North Face and Oakley companies afloat. Also, I haven't seen that many middle-aged men with soul patches since the jazz festival.
  • Sophomore Kellen Moore has 32 TDs and only 3 INTs this year. His 57 career TDs has already eclipsed some WAC-era BYU gunslinger named Steve Young. That seems good, but what do I know?
  • Brian Reader's luggage was intercepted by 3 Bronco DBs when he went to get it off the airport carousel last night.
  • Is a scarier-than-usual Utah State team still less scary than a lot of other teams in the WAC? We'll see on Friday night.