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Boise State men's basketball 2009-2010 preview

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I interrupt this week of high stakes Vandal-Bronco football for something slightly less earth-shattering: the start of the Boise State men's basketball season!

After the jump, humor me as I present to you a Boise State basketball preview, featuring interviews with some of the finest college basketball minds on the Internet. How good will Boise State be this year? How much coverage do you want to see on OBNUG? Let me know in the comments.

I am not a Boise State basketball expert, unless being a Boise State basketball expert means naming four players on the team. Which it might.

With that in mind, rather than fake a preview by making up random analysis and giving opinion that is largely baseless, I have tapped into the collective consciousness of college basketball's finest online writers. They are smart. They are well-educated. They make their email addresses publicly available. Here's the lineup:

The consensus seems to be that the Broncos are a middle-of-the-pack WAC team with the chance of making a serious push to the top if all the pieces fall into place. A WAC title is a longshot but a possibility. An NCAA tournament berth is unlikely but technically attainable. Twenty wins is within reach. The rest? We'll just have to wait and see.

Download or browse the b-ball preview below, and vote in the poll or leave a comment about how much you care to know about Bronco basketball this season. Want blanket coverage? Want me to never speak of it again?



Boise State Basketball Prospectus 2009-2010