Attention my fellow OBNUGers...

OBNUG is THE finest fan blog I have ever seen, or could have ever dreamed there to be. I check it multiple times daily and am constantly entertained by the witty writing. Ever since I have been following the site (well over a year) I have recomended it to any and all fans of college football. However, I am sad to say that it now makes me nervous to do so.

For some reason unknown to me, the comments sections after posts have devolved exponentially in terms of their moral savor. I thought this was a family show. It seems more and more lately that I am discouraged from reading through the usually insightful and humorous comments that are now too often littered with filth. I hear Bronco Nation swell with pride as they speak of Coach Pete, and how classless that most other coaches seem in comparison. Not sure that Junior High Locker room vernacular is where we need to be. Bronco Nation as so much going for it. I don't believe that we need to resort to the filth that occasionally surfaces here.

Thanks to everybody that makes OBNUG the best.

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