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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 10 Results

Can you believe we are 10 weeks into this season? I don't even feel like I've been able to fully enjoy this incredible season for Boise State since I've been forced into silly debates such as Boise State vs. Oregon and whether or not Boise State's win was pretty enough. I blame it on Twitter. For your own health, trust me, don't search Twitter for Boise State after a close win.

Anyways, onto our weekly pick 'em contest. As always, follow me after the jump for the results from last week and see if you're the lucky winner of free Baja Fresh this week.

Stanford scoffs at ridiculous debate, rules it null and void

Ok, I admit. I got a little worked up last week over the Oregon vs. Boise State debate making its rounds. Thankfully Jim Harbaugh didn't do the same and instead focused his team. Now whether or not Oregon's loss was to Boise State's benefit or detriment, I still got a huge smile on my face every time Gamecast would show another Stanford score. 

As much as I enjoyed it, I didn't predict the win. And neither did most of you. In fact, only MooreWalksOnWaterDrofdarb23 and Treubleu had faith in the Cardinal. 

Also, quick side note on Stanford. How great of a job has Harbaugh done there the last few years? The USC win might have been a fluke, but this win was not. Stanford is a solid team with losses only coming to Wake Forest, Arizona and Oregon State.


A 21-point spread is nothing to take lightly

At halftime, a 21-point spread didn't seem that difficult for Boise State. By the 4th quarter, I think most of us had forgotten about that. 

Last week, we had some doubters of the large spread. Not this week. Every single person picked Boise State to cover. BSUTHROWBALLFOREVER even apologized for doubting Boise State. I think it's safe to say it's not doubting your team if you're not confident they can win by 3 TDs on the road. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


Tiebreakers, Tiebreakers, Tiebreakers

For the first few weeks, I wasn't sure if the tiebreaker was ever going to come into play. Now it seems like we can't get away from them. With no one going out on a limb and picking against Boise State, we also don't have the opportunity for someone to record the first perfect week.

The total points scored in the Boise State vs. Louisiana Tech game was a remarkable 80 points. The highest tiebreaker guess we had was 67 by Belexes. One more correct, and Belexes would have taken the prize this week.

As for our overall winner this week, we had a 3 way tie by MountngrownFFBSU and DUKE02DEUCE all getting 6 correct. However, with a tiebreaker guess of 63, Mountngrown walks away with the prize this week. Congratulations.