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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 5 Results

Week 5 is in the books. It might not have been pretty for Boise State, but you guys managed. We had another great week with 45 entries including 4 first time entries. 

Join me after the jump for some observations and the announcement of this week's winner of free Baja Fresh.


Congratulations for those of you keeping score at home. You can now add an additional column to your overall standings. This week, we all got a push on the San Diego State vs New Mexico State game when San Diego State won by exactly 17 points equaling the amount they were favored by. 


Vegas Loves Homers

For some reason, Vegas doesn't issue lines on FBS vs FCS teams. Is this some moral stance by Vegas? How ironic? Anyways, for that reason I threw out an absurdly high spread for Boise State over UC Davis. That didn't stop any of you from taking it (yes, that even included me). Now 42.5 points was awfully high, however the Vegas line would have been higher than 18, right?


It Continues

We are all aware that Idaho is a remarkable 4-1 this season. They are also 5-0 against the spread. I finally took the plunge in taking Idaho last week. 19 of you joined me. It's only going to get harder to pick Idaho from here on out. Think about this, they are actually going to start to be favored to win these games. That undefeated record against the spread has to be broken at some point. 


A Farewell

It appears as if last week was the final week that J-Stat will be picking games with us this year. He leaves with at least one free Baja Fresh meal in his belly and sitting in a tie for 3rd place in the overall standings for the year. You'll be missed (except by JasonHaberman, TheShrewdOne, LoneSausages, Mountngrown, among others sitting at the top of the standings). 


At Least You Won Something

Coming off his win last week, DUKE02DEUCE posted an abysmal 2-6-1 this week. He did, however, predict the tiebreaker correctly with a guess of 50. Dr. Jrig also nailed it when he matched his guess of 50. These 2 guesses were also the lowest guesses of anyone for the tiebreaker. A breakdown of the rest of the guesses:

  • 50's - 25
  • 60's - 15
  • 70's - 4


Our winner this week was Egnowit with his entry of 7-1-1. Even he could not resist taking Boise State.