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OBNUG Pick 'Em - Week 9


Wow, Week 9 already. The ups and downs of this season have been incredible; however, even at the high points, it has just felt like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well it dropped. Now we can all breathe a little easier, at least until people outside the state of Oregon start talking about Oregon jumping Boise State. Then let the gnashing of teeth and beating of chests resume.

Onward to this week and some intriguing match ups. It's been awhile since we've seen a top team fall (or maybe just two weeks). Maybe this week we'll see some more upsets to benefit the Broncos. By the way, has Boise State been the only team to drop out of the top 5 without a loss this season? Elias Sports Bureau?

If this pick 'em thing is all new to you, check out the rules. For you regulars, follow me after the jump for your chance at free Baja Fresh.

This Week's Games

No line on the Hawaii vs Nevada game. Is this because Hawaii is down to their 8th string QB? Are they scouting intramurals yet for backups? Does Hawaii have intramurals or just pick up games on the beach? So many questions...

  • Georgia vs #1 Florida (-15)
  • #3 Texas (-9) at Oklahoma State
  • #5 USC (-3) at #10 Oregon
  • UNLV at #6 TCU (-35)
  • New Mexico State at #17 Ohio State (-43.5)
  • Louisiana Tech at Idaho (-3)
  • Utah State at Fresno State (-17)
  • San Jose State at #7 Boise State (-35)
  • Tiebreaker: total points in SJSU-Boise State game

Nick's Picks

  • Georgia - I'm going with the off-week for Georgia and Florida's looking unimpressive against Miss State. Really hope that Mark Richt pulls the whole-team-celebrating-on-the-field stunt again, especially in light of the terrible calls from SEC officials this season.
  • Oklahoma State - Going with the home underdog here. I think the Cowboys can keep it close. I'd feel a lot better if Dez Bryant was still eligible.
  • USC - I hope Oregon wins, but USC does a pretty good job at winning the games people think will be close. I think Masoli will return to opening day form Saturday.
  • UNLV - Letdown game? I hope so. 35 points is an awful lot.
  • Ohio State - Dang, 44 points is a lot here, too, but I don't think New Mexico State is going to force Pryor to throw the ball to get those.
  • Idaho - If Robb Akey is coaching as well as people say he is, then this will be his biggest test this week. Hopefully he can get the Vandals motivated after last week's drubbing and we all can enjoy more Mark Schlereth radio antics.
  • Fresno State - What's going on down there? Is Ryan Mathews still putting up 60 yard runs? Has Pat Hill shaved the fu manchu?
  • Boise State - I think they're pissed. Kellen Moore might throw for 6 TDs on 9 attempts with the other 3 being screen plays.
Last week: 5-3
Overall: 30-38-1

Overall Leaderboard

Here's a look at the leaderboard through week 8. Your lowest score has been dropped. You're welcome.

Weekly breakdown here

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
Belexes 37
Mikrino 37
Mountngrown 37
TheShrewdOne 37
JasonHaberman 36
BustersBFF 35
Mkingery 35
Egnowit 34
LoneSausages 34
Loque 34
BroncoFever 33
CaptainBronco 33
Dr. Jrig 33
Finloopio 33
killtacular 33
forum8usa 32
OBNUG Intern 32
TitoRay 32
TitanBronco 31
Busterfan 30
kevanlee 30
Magnanimous M@tt 30
PeaDiddy 30
divox21 29
BoiseState 28
Drofdarb3 28
Nick 28
Trek7k 28
BroncocnorB 25
MooreWalksOnWater 24
DuckCountryBSUFan 23
StatueLeft 23
Crazylegs 21
J-Stat 21
BSUFlyboy 17
MikeTheTransplant 17
bsudayas 15
Fabian Mechano Marauder Stankowicz 15
pretendhuman 15
Romaisvaje 15
bsu415 14
BSUDrew 11
mrefficiency 11
duc 10
jahkass 10
KYBronco 10
TreuBleu 10
BoiseFanSince98 7
Gobluebroncs 7
smurfturf 6
summitkopp 6
earthen 5
thr04 5
marktgarten 5
broncoitis 4
forseyfan36 4
KyleC 4
Randeezi5 4
Banachek 3
Bronco Nation Podcast 3
CougarFlounder 3
MarinerFaninAZ 3
xXBroncoNarionXx 3
leadtrumpetdave 3
OneTrueBlue 2