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An open letter to college football

When the going gets tough, the tough write passive-aggressive letters to imaginary things. After the jump, read my rash reaction to the Broncos falling in the BCS rankings, watch me say some things I'm going to regret, and leave your comments if you agree or disagree. Let's vent.

Dear college football,

Kevan here. Just wanted to let you know that I hate you right now. Sorry I was unable to find a Maya Angelou Hallmark card to adequately express my feelings.

I think you know why I'm upset. My Boise State Broncos just fell three spots in your BCS rankings despite winning big on the road against a conference team. Why? Beats me. You are satan incarnate? That's the theory I'm going with for now.

To a rational person, falling three spots doesn't make sense. Boise State did not lose. They did not play horribly. They completed roughly 60 percent of their center-QB exchanges. They did nothing differently than any of the other ten teams around them apart from not needing a last-second field goal block to win, not winning by one score, and not beating Michigan State on the final play. You want the Broncos to make it more interesting? Well, you didn't seem to like the Tulsa game very much, so maybe you should make up your mind.

I understand that your BCS formulas don't account for margin of victory. But do they account for rationality? How about common sense? They most certainly accounted for my giant headache that sent me to bed at 8:30 last night.

Seriously, why? Why go to the trouble of having a BCS poll in late October if the results of that poll are heinous, impractical, and faulty? Here's what everyone in their right mind saw happen over the weekend: The top eight teams in the country all won. Here's what your BCS computers saw: 1111011011101110111BoiseStateFAIL1001011001.

Not cool, college football.

What really irks me is that the Broncos' big drop came during the first big week of conference play. Through the nonconference schedule, Boise State was the No. 4 team in the country. Now that conference play is beginning, they are dropping like an Idaho student's GPA. How is that fair? Don't bother grouping the Broncos in Division I-A if you're not going to give them credit for blowing through a schedule they don't have the ability to change.

I'm really done writing about you. Every week, it's something new. Remember the time when USC passed Boise State and both teams were on byes? That made me punch things. The national championship talk was fun while it lasted - NOT. There is nothing good that can come from dwelling on the unerring ineptitude of polls and the BCS. Coach Pete is right. Why worry about something you cannot control?

I am a Boise State football fan. I am not a college football fan. There's no fun in being a fan of a sport that makes the rules up as it goes along, marginalizes good teams, and protects its own interests above all else.

Please leave me alone for a few weeks.



Ps. NCAA Football 05 on the Gamecube sucked.