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Nerd alert! The Bronco Institute of Football Facts and Figures (BIFFF) arrives

Bronco fans, I present to you the Bronco Institute of Football Facts and Figures (BIFFF). Want to know Titus Young's YAC? You got it. Need an update on Ryan Winterswyk QB hurries? It's in there. Curious how often Kellen Moore throws on first down and how successful those throws are? You came to the right place.

Those links above are your ticket to Boise State football stat nirvana. Take a look around. Use the glossary to define some new terms and stats. Burn a vacation day if you need to. I plan on using stats found in BIFFF for previews, reviews, and analysis for the rest of the season. Hopefully you all are okay with that. If there's a stat on there that you think is missing, leave a comment or send me an email, and I'll see what I can do.

A couple of quick observations before I leave you guys to some stat exploring:

Kellen Moore passing chart

Deep Left
4-11, 135 yards
4 successes
Deep Middle
0-2, 0 yards
0 successes
Deep Right
3-10, 105 yards
3 successes
Middle Left
4-11, 71 yards
4 successes
Middle Middle
14-19, 262 yards
14 successes
Middle Right
10-14, 117 yards
8 successes
Short Left
47-53, 426 yards
29 successes
Short Middle
4-7, 22 yards
3 successes
Short Right
29-38, 266 yards
24 successes


Note: Short =10 yards or less, Medium = 11-20 yards, Deep = 21 and over. Successes are determined by getting 50 percent of needed yards on first down, 75 percent on second down, and 100 percent on third or fourth down.

The stats support what our eyes tell us: Kellen Moore throws short a lot. His most popular target is short left, but I would love to see him throw up the middle more. That seems to be where he often finds the tight end or a receiver on a drag route.

Ryan Winterswyk's pass rush impact

How's this for some scary stats: Winterswyk has 5.5 sacks on the season, three QB hits, and FIFTEEN QB hurries. Say it with me: "Yikes."

The first quarter belongs to Jeremy Avery

Avery is the clear-cut starter and it shows. He has four times as many carries in the first quarter than any other back, despite his overall success rate not being as high as Harper pre-injury or Martin. Will Avery's first quarter carries change? We'll have to wait and see.

What interesting stats can you glean from this? What would you like to see that's not on there? Any corrections or fixes I need to make?

BIFFF will have its own home on OBNUG once I get around to creating it, so for now just hit up those Google Doc links for all the stat updates. Also, big thanks to MKingery for helping with play-by-play files and OBNUG's Nick for his assistance.

Go Broncos! Go math!