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The Hawaii Warriors anagram roster

Boise State hits conference play this weekend with a showdown at Hawaii. In related news, I remain really stuck on this anagram thing that's probably not as funny as I think.

After the jump, check out Hawaii's roster through the eyes of witty wordplay and an anagram server. Actual analysis will begin tomorrow. You have to start somewhere, right?

(An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself. Hawaii's anagram roster was especially challenging because of player names chock full of vowels. Hence, I delved into the Hawaii coaching staff as well. No offense, Chris Tormey.)

Alex Green General Ex

Greg Salas Laser Gags

Rodney Bradley Brandy Yodeler

Spencer Smith Me Sphincters

Mana Silva Salami Van

Corey Paredes Creepy Adores

Liko Satele Oak Tellies

Tank Hopkins Thanks, Pinko

Austin Hansen Antenna Sushi

Greg Alexander Relaxed Nagger

Luke Ingram Manlike Rug

Bo Montgomery Tomboy Monger

Rich Miano I, Man Choir

Gordan Shaw Dragon Show

Chris Tormey Crime Shorty