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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 7


Can you believe we are already to Week 7? Before you know it, we'll be in February wondering why we have to wait so long for football to pick back up again. 

Enjoy this week's games by putting a little something on the line and compete for a chance at free Baja Fresh. After two valiant efforts last week, we are still waiting for someone to put up a perfect week. Will it be you? Join me after the jump for this week's games. Check out the rules if you're new.

(Programming note: The Tulsa game pushed back this week's pick 'em contest until today. Sorry about that. Expect the pick 'em to go live every Thursday from now until a long time from now. Thank you for your patience. Continue.)

This Week's Games

We have a slew of top 25 teams playing ranked opponents this week. Idaho is favored to not only win, but win by double digits. When was the last time Idaho was favored by double digits over anyone? 

Deadline Saturday 10 a.m. MT

  • #22 South Carolina at #2 Alabama (-17)
  • #20 Oklahoma at #3 Texas (-4)
  • #4 Virginia Tech (-3) at #19 Georgia Tech 
  • #6 USC (-10) at #25 Notre Dame
  • Colorado State at #12 TCU (-22)
  • Nevada (-9) at Utah State
  • Hawaii at Idaho (-10)
  • New Mexico State at Louisiana Tech (-20)
  • San Jose State at Fresno State (-19.5)
  • Tiebreaker: Total points in Oklahoma at Texas game

Nick's Picks

  • Alabama - If I had a vote, they'd be No. 1 on my ballot with the way they have played this season.
  • Oklahoma - I think Bradford will rise up. Plus, this might be Texas' only challenge this season.
  • Georgia Tech - They moved the ball at will last week against Florida State. I'm hoping that continues against the Hokies' defense.
  • USC - Although I hate to admit it, I think I'm actually rooting for Notre Dame here.
  • Colorado State - I don't think TCU has much trouble here, but 22 points is a little high for my liking.
  • Nevada - Last week reminded me that Utah State is still Utah State.
  • Idaho - This one is tough, but Hawaii has yet to find a new QB. Ten points is way too much though but I have to stick with Idaho
  • New Mexico State - Again, 20 points between terrible teams is too much.
  • San Jose State - Ditto.
Last week: 3-6 
Overall: 22-29-1


Neither JasonHaberman nor TheShrewdOne were able to separate themselves last week as both of them put up 6-3 records. FFBSU and Magnanimous M@tt were both able to climb up the leaderboard after their stellar 8-1's last week. In other news, Kevan has moved one spot ahead of me. This is getting sad.

Week by week breakdown located here

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
JasonHaberman 28
TheShrewdOne 28
Belexes 27
Mikrino 27
Mkingery 27
Mountngrown 27
Dr. Jrig 26
LoneSausages 26
Loque 26
Magnanimous M@tt 26
OBNUG Intern 25
BroncoFever 24
killtacular 24
BustersBFF 23
CaptainBronco 23
Finloopio 23
forum8usa 23
PeaDiddy 23
TitanBronco 23
TitoRay 23
Busterfan 21
Egnowit 21
J-Stat 21
kevanlee 21
Nick 20
divox21 19
Drofdarb3 19
Trek7k 19
BoiseState 18
BroncocnorB 18
DuckCountryBSUFan 18
MooreWalksOnWater 18
MikeTheTransplant 17
StatueLeft 16
Fabian Mechano Marauder Stankowicz 15
pretendhuman 15
Crazylegs 13
BSUFlyboy 12
BSUDrew 11
duc 10
jahkass 10
TreuBleu 10
BoiseFanSince98 7
KYBronco 6
smurfturf 6
bsudayas 6
Romaisvaje 6
earthen 5
thr04 5
broncoitis 4
forseyfan36 4
Gobluebroncs 4
KyleC 4
Randeezi5 4
bsu415 4
Banachek 3
CougarFlounder 3
MarinerFaninAZ 3
mrefficiency 3
xXBroncoNarionXx 3
Bronco Nation Podcast 3
OneTrueBlue 2