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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 6 Results

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Our first week without a Boise State game, and we endured it together. Luckily we had the gambling jones and the lure of free Baja Fresh to tide us over. 

We held steady with another 42 entries this week that even included a few first timers. Join me after the jump for your results. Was the elusive perfect week finally obtained? Did that pesky tiebreaker come into play?

In retrospect, a QB is important

I was dumb enough to forget that Hawaii is a passing team and they are effectively without a QB with any experience. It was quite amazing to tally the results and see how everyone picked Fresno State except for myself and 3 others. It should be an interesting rest of the season for Hawaii...

I don't have to like it but I'll take it

That's right, it continues. Idaho beat the spread yet again with their outright win over San Jose State. It wasn't pretty when Akey had to pull Enderle on the last drive, but a win's a win especially in the gambling world.

So far, Idaho is 6-0 against the spread. This week Hawaii will be in town and Idaho is already an early 11.5 point favorite. This will be the first time that Idaho has been favored to actually win their game this year. Add to that the fact that the spread will likely be double digits and the difficulty level in picking Idaho just got ratcheted up a notch. Now you're actually going to have to root for Idaho to win.

Perfect week? Not if New Mexico State has anything to say about it

We had some pretty stellar entries this week. It was looking to me that we might actually get our first perfect week in the pick 'em contest. That is until I got to the Utah State vs New Mexico State game. Of the 42 entries received, only one of you picked the Aggies to cover -- killtacular. Bravo, sir.

I know I'm kicking myself for thinking that Utah State could handle a double digit spread against anyone.

And then there were 2

As I mentioned before, everyone did quite well. Eleven of you went 6-3. Eight of you went 7-2. But two of you did one better.

OBNUG's Drew and Magnanimous M@tt both put up an 8-1. That means we get to use the tiebreaker for the second time this season. So how good were they at picking the total points between San Jose State and Idaho?

The total points scored in that game was 54. Drew's guess was 41. M@tt's guess? 42. That means our week 6 winner goes to Magnanimous M@tt by one point via the tiebreaker. Congratulations.

A few last things

Due to Gene Bleymaier's crazy scheduling and Kevan trying to keep some sort of a schedule for the week, we will be posting this week's list of games on Thursday. This means that for the second straight week, we will be without a Boise State game to pick. If you're curious, Boise State is a 10-point favorite as of right now.

Also, congrats to Mountngrown for correctly picking the tiebreaker with a guess of 54. Well done.