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OBNUG BlogPoll Week Six: Pitt, South Carolina Debut, Notre Dame Returns

Six weeks of the season have passed and this is the point where I had hoped to use a strictly resume based method to develop the weekly draft of the BlogPoll.  With nine teams undefeated, and another five teams whose only loss is to that undefeated group, it is still too early to determine whose resume is more deserving to be ranked higher.  The spread of resume ranking as a revolt against traditional polling methods is exciting but even the ballot of the "father of the revolution," Doug Lesermises, has looked less and less extreme.  The issue is that a true "resume only" ballot would diminish the accomplishments of Boise State and Southern Cal while propping up teams they have defeated in Oregon and Ohio State.

The BlogPoll concept addresses the issue of extreme ballots by holding the voter accountable to readers prior to the final ballot being submitted.  A voter is more likely to put thought and research into a ballot that is going to be reviewed and scrutinized by onlookers.  The onset of discussion provides a forum to bring up points of view that might have been initially missed by the voter.

Each week I start with a fresh poll, attempting to ignore where a team was ranked the week before and trying to treat all teams as "Team X" rather than placing value on tradition or past results.  I have created a simple formula that ranks teams based the wins and losses of their opponents, rewarding teams for quality wins but diminishing the impact of a loss against a quality opponent.  The influence of time is also removed, with a loss in the first week carrying the same weight as a loss in the most recent week's play.  This is the reason for Michigan staying in the poll despite two straight losses.

After the initial formula, teams are moved around giving preference to head-to-head matchups and using a team's best win as a tiebreaker when necessary.  Using that criterion, here is this week's BlogPoll draft.  As always your comments will have the final say on where teams end up.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida 1
3 Texas 1
4 Virginia Tech 1
5 Boise State 1
6 Iowa 2
7 Southern Cal 1
8 Ohio State 3
9 Oregon 3
10 Miami (Florida) 3
11 Cincinnati 1
12 LSU 3
13 TCU
14 Kansas 1
15 Oklahoma State 2
16 Nebraska 2
17 Penn State 3
18 Georgia Tech 3
19 Pittsburgh
20 Notre Dame
21 Auburn 5
22 Brigham Young 3
23 Wisconsin 3
24 South Carolina
25 Michigan
Last week's ballot


 Dropped Out: Missouri (#22), South Florida (#23), Stanford (#24), Arizona (#25).

Also Considered: Arkansas

  • I had considered dropping BYU from the top 25. Their win against Oklahoma is losing value, but more importantly their loss to Florida State is becoming even more embarrassing. (BYU is 32nd when ranked with the formula)
  • I reluctantly returned Notre Dame to the Top 25. At 4-1 their resume is nearly identical to Southern Cal's. The Irish are yet to have a signature win, but they have beaten a lot of mediocre teams.
  • At 5-0 South Florida is left off of the ballot. Of their five wins, their opponents have a combined two victories against FBS schools . (USF is ranked 40th by the formula)
  • There were not many other teams considered for the Top25 - it was hard enough to find 25 teams that have distinguished themselves. I did give a brief (very brief) glance to Idaho but in the end, their loss to a 3-3 Washington team did not vault them over the Wolverines for the final spot.