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Boise State's 2009 football schedule (w/ WAC dates)

We were just sent a composite schedule for the WAC, which appears to be pretty legit. And who are we to question our sources!

Looks like Fresno State took the coveted early WAC showdown slot this season (Friday night, September 18) and there will be Friday games versus LaTech, Utah State, and Nevada.

Sept. 3 vs. Oregon (Thursday)
Sept. 12 vs. Miami (Ohio)
Sept. 18 @ Fresno State (Friday)
Sept. 26 @ Bowling Green
Oct. 3 vs. Cal Davis
Oct. 14 @ Tulsa (Wednesday)
Oct. 24 @ Hawaii
Oct. 31 vs. San Jose State
Nov. 6 @ LaTech (Friday)
Nov. 14 vs. Idaho
Nov. 20 @ Utah State (Friday)
Nov. 27 vs. Nevada (Friday)
Dec. 5 vs. NMSU

Download the full schedule.