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Will Shamburger has obviously never been to Boondocks

Boise State lost a recruit from its 2009 class when Will Shamburger, a safety from Bellflower HS (California), decommitted this week to be pursued by Pac-10 schools Arizona and Washington. His reason? There was no place for him to get his party on:

"There wasn't a whole lot to do there in Boise."

And the Boise Towne Square Mall experiences its first recruiting casualty.

Dave Southorn put it best on his blog when he said, "Ouch." Not a whole lot to do in Boise? Then how does Shamburger explain Jeff Caves' wild social life? There is an ample amount of entertainment in the Boise area, provided you are willing to look for it, and provided you are entertained by things like the Boise Train Depot.

What exactly does Shamburger find so appealing about Washington and Arizona anyway? World of Warcraft LAN parties and skin cancer? Neither of those compare to an evening at the Boise botanical gardens or First Thursday's free Idaho Historical Museum exhibits. It's the Oregon Trail, for crying out loud! You can't imagine the wonders of dysentery until you've experienced them.

Ah, forget it. If Will Shamburger doesn't want to play for the Broncos out of fear of boredom, then so be it. He can go live it up in Seattle or Tucson.

That just leaves more Julia Davis Park paddleboat rides for the rest of us.

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