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Breaking rumor: WR Jeremy Childs going pro

According to a report by Boise TV station KBCI (motto: "It's like KTVB except with less Augusto), Jeremy Childs will be taking his 10-yard curl routes to the NFL.

Multiple sources say star wide receiver Jeremy Childs is (leaving early).

One of those sources is former Bronco and current Dallas Cowboy CB Orlando Scandrick, a close friend of Childs. The two have been working out together during the offseason and probably counting Scandrick's wads of dollar bills in their free time.

The announcement is surprising inasmuch as it is exactly the opposite of what Childs had promised in November.

"I get that question a lot," he said, "but I always told my mom I’d get my degree. I made a commitment to the school to go to school, so I don’t see why me leaving early, (there) would be any reason. I want to get my degree. That’s first and foremost. I love the coaches here ... I want to play with the team and play with these players as long as I possibly can."

Oh well. There's always the University of Phoenix online program. We hear they offer Applied Studies.

Childs has yet to received his grades from the NFL advisory committe, and those results might be the ultimate deciding factor in his decision. However, according to NFL Draft Scout, Childs might as well buy himself a $50.00 suit and start practicing his interview skills because the website thinks he is one of the top 15 receivers available.

Stay tuned next week when Ryan Clady breaks the news that John Gott is declaring for the NFL.

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