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Quintin Mikell, All Pro? At least one writer thinks so

Former Boise State safety Quintin Mikell is making quite a name for himself as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles - so much so that he is being considered for the All-Pro team.

I penciled in the sixth-year strong safety right alongside the Ravens' Ed Reed. Penciled him in ahead of the Steelers' Troy Polamalu and the Cardinals' Adrian Wilson and the Titans' Chris Hope and all of the rest of the league's starting free and strong safeties.

You can't overstate what Mikell has meant to the success of the Eagles' defense this season.
Mikell was all over FOX's broadcast of the Wild Card game between the Eagles and the Vikings on Sunday, and he's sure to be mentioned early and often when Philly takes on the Giants this weekend. He excels in reading the opposing offense, covering receivers and supporting the run, and he and Brian Dawkins form a formidable duo in the Eagles' secondary. All that, and he wears a blue and orange mouthguard.

To think that we used to not be able to tell him apart from David Mikell.

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