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NMSU willing to pay high price to make Mumme go away

The New Mexico State Aggies have decided to pay former head coach Hal Mumme over half a million dollars to stop coaching at New Mexico State. On a related note, they gave QB Chase Holbrook a Nintendo DS to not pursue a sixth year of eligibility.

The university will pay Mumme $540,000, which includes $375,000 for the final year of Mumme's contract (it expired in 2009) as well as the rest of his 2008 salary and vacation.

Not bad scratch for mailing in four seasons of work.

Mumme's payout is actually quite the embarrassment of riches when you break it down according to wins, losses, and embarrassing losses. Here's the math on the buyout when compared to Mumme's 11-38 career NMSU record:

  • $49,000 per win

  • $14,210 per loss

  • $270k per shutout to Boise State

Not exactly the type of return on investment you learn about in macroeconomics.

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