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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/8

Tonight's the last night of real college football for nearly eight months. Enjoy it. Savor it. Drink it in. TiVo it and watch it in bits and pieces over the next 200+ days.

Kyle Wilson's NFL scouting report [NFL Draft Scout]
This does not bode well for him sticking around for his senior year.

Ryan Clady not good enough for Peter King's All-Pro team []
Surprisingly, given King's affection for him, neither is Brett Favre.

Bob Stoops' Fiesta Bowl failings hanging over his head [NY Daily News]
If he so much as hears the word "Statue" again, so help him God.

A non-BCS championship? Tell us more [Topeka Capital-Journal]
Seceding from the BCS? Crowning our own champion? OK, stop talking. You've lost us.

Cam Hall about to get PAID in Canadian money [Rider Rumblings]
Ain't no party like a CFL free agency party 'cause a CFL free agency party don't stop.

Don't put too much stock in what John Feinstein has to say [Dr. Saturday]
In other words, treat him like you do Graham Watson.