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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/7

Judging by our sidebar poll on who should be No. 1, the consensus among OBNUG readers is for Utah by nearly a two-to-one margin over the Florida-Oklahoma winner. Fascinating. Boise State sits in third with seven votes, USC has five, and somehow Mack Brown caught wind of the poll and cast the lone vote for Texas.

Anyone watch the GMAC Bowl last night? The Broncos would have KILLED Ball State in the H-Bowl.

ESPN picks Broncos to lose to Oregon in 2009 []
Surprisingly, they did not pick Fresno State to win the WAC ... yet.

Oklahoma vs. BYU will be first college game in new Texas Stadium [Yahoo! Sports]
Setting the stage for an epic Boise State vs. UC Davis showdown at Capitol High School.

Former Vandal coach Nick Holt a little too amped about UW job [Yahoo! Sports]
He either just discovered French press coffee or just looked at the Huskies' defensive roster for 2009.

TCU O-coordinator takes job at Illinois []
Where was this distraction three weeks ago when we needed it?

Boston College coach rumored to be out []
We'll be the first to say it: Coach Pete would be a great fit there.

Lomax and Central Washington are a good fit [Daily Record]
CWU specializes in former D-1 QB recruits and Jon Kitna look-a-likes.

QB recruit spurns Nevada for Hawaii [Gazette-Journal]
We can't imagine that Colin Kaepernick's stagnant passing mechanics had anything to do with it.