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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/5

We still aren't sure what happened in the Sugar Bowl. That one surprised more than anything since the first season of LOST. Kyle Wittingham IS Dr. Jack Shepherd.

BCS, you've got Utah mail [BNN]
Message received loud and clear: the BCS is not doing its job at all.

Four-way split national championship [Dr. Saturday]
January 9, 2009, the day college football officially died.

Men's basketball opens with conference win [Statesman]
And Idaho beats Nevada in Nevada - the equivalent of Nevada football losing to NMSU at home.

No one particularly excited about Fiesta Bowl [Houston Chronicle]
Except for all the Boise State fans eager to see Ohio State fall flat on its face.

Extremely unlikely '09 prediction [CDA press]
Boise State vs. Idaho for WAC football title. That would not fit Robb Akey's 15-year plan.

Coach Pete is the state's highest paid employee [KBCI]
And Robb Akey is 426th.