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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/2

Happy 2009, Bronco fans. Since today is full of college football games and people taking time off work, we'll be taking it easy today with just one or two posts. Feel free to use the New Year's comment thread if you're watching any of the games, and especially if you're watching a game that involves Utah losing by 20 or more points (hint: 6:00pm, FOX).

Look ahead to Broncos in 2009 []
Bigger and better than the '08 squad. Think they'll be preseason conference favorites?

USC vs. Boise State in the Rose would have been fun [L.A. Times]
It certainly wouldn't have been a 17-16 game.

Former Bronco Aiona Key to play for Utah in Sugar Bowl [Statesman]
Has chance to be the first player to screw up on special teams for two different schools in a BCS game.

An automatic bid for non-BCS conferences would be nice [NY Times]
Although, Hawaii may have ended those chances for us last year.