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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/16

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Today's the last day of the NUGies, and if you want an inside scoop on the closing ceremonies, check out the OBNUG Facebook Group. Also, we have some breaking news on a Jared Zabransky situation and a week-in-review wrap-up headed your way.

Don't forget to watch Ian Johnson in the Shrine Game tomorrow (2:00pm, ESPN2). Or, do forget and then just read about it somewhere else. We're shooting for the former, but the latter might end up happening.

Bronco men's b-ball falls on road at Nevada [Statesman]
Colin Kaepernick was chosen to shoot free throws at halftime. He went 19-for-50.

University of Washington adds four former Vandals to staff [Statesman]
Seems like overkill to us. The Huskies already know how to lose.

FOXSports thinks Childs made right decision []
Although, he doesn't strike us as NFL punt returner material.

Quintin Mikell enjoying the spotlight for NFC championship game [AZ Central]
David Mikell enjoying getting confused for David Mikell on the streets.

Coach Pete loses out on Bear Bryant award [Houston Chronicle]
Utah's Wittingham wins, making this whole BCS thing okay now.

Dirk Koetter got Quintin Mikell his shot with the Eagles []
Interesting that Koetter and Andy Reid are friends. Begs the question: Who's friends with Houston Nutt?