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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/15

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that Ian Johnson did indeed receive an invitation to the NFL Draft combine, which takes place February 18-24 in Indianapolis. Here's hoping he finds some way to run a 4.3 40.

We'll have more on Johnson today, as well as another round of NUGie winners. Until then, here are today's links:

Pat Hill's contract not renewed and Fresno's OC just left [Fresno Bee & Bulldog Bounce]
But they'll still manage a preseason vote from a certain non-BCS ESPN blogger.

With Childs' departure, wither the headline pun? [FFBSU]
Not as long as the Idaho Press-Tribune has anything to say about it.

New Mexico State might not use a QB next season []
Well, at least, not an effective one. Who ever thought they'd miss the days of Chase Holbrook?

Kellen Moore has something to improve on? [O&B Circus]
People used to get burned at the stake for saying things like that.

BSU @ Oregon makes non-BCS end of year list []
For awesomeness!

USA Today Coaches poll may leave the BCS [Sporting News]
Which would be fine with Kyle Whittingham and Chris Petersen.

BYU basketball player pulls an Ian Johnson [Deep Shades of Blue]
Though post-game engagements just aren't the same when they're on the .mtn and Chris Myers isn't there.

Idaho snags highly regarded H-back recruit []
He led the state of Nevada in sacks, so it makes sense to Akey to move him to offense.