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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/14

We would like to be upset about Jeremy Childs' decision to turn pro, but we just can't bring ourselves to do it. Childs did what he felt was best, and he has our full support ... unless Titus Young starts fumbling again. Then we'll probably wish we had Childs back.

Check out the OBNUG Facebook group for some NUGie details and spoilers. More awards today, as well as some Childs reaction.

With Childs leaving, Boise State receiving records will stand [Press-Tribune]
With Kirby Moore coming, receiving records will not last very much longer, though.

Kyle Wilson's return gives Broncos depth in secondary [Statesman]
Is it too late for Ellis Powers to seek the rare "three-year-special-teams-player" redshirt?

Vote for Jeremy Childs' draft position [BNN]
We gave him a first round grade, which is why we will never be able to run an NFL team.

About that graduation promise from Childs [Fight Fight BSU]
We hear the University of Phoenix offers a great online program.

Graham Watson smells blood []
Now she has ammunition for picking Louisiana Tech to win the WAC this preseason.

One of the strangest coaching stories you'll ever read []
Wrestling match at coaching convention; two coaches fall four stories through a window; Mark Mangino thankfully not involved.

Apparently, CFN has never heard of Jeron Johnson []
List of best WAC players does not include nearly enough Bronco players.

Ian Johnson gets front page draft pub []
Courtesy of Chris Myers' connections, probably.

Boise Bachelor contestant drops out [Statesman]
But you already knew that, didn't you.

Jake Long vs. Ryan Clady debate [Palm Beach Post]
To be followed by Ryan Clady vs. Tony Bosselli debate.