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Morning paper: Boise State football links 1/13

It's finally here - the moment you all have been waiting for since yesterday. The first award in the first annual NUGies will be handed out later this morning, and for a sneak peek, head on over to the OBNUG Facebook group. We'll be posting much of our backstage goings-on there.

Early odds of next year's national championship [Fan Nation]
Tragically, Boise State has same odds as Idaho: none.

Speaking of national championships ... [SF Gate]
Those brilliant San Franciscans think Boise State has a chance.

There are Vandal fans in South Central Idaho? [Times-News]
The Twin Falls newspaper looking for feedback on sports section. Dustin Lapray bandana review columns?

Boise State takes another simulated championship [Boston's Blog]
They are the John Connor of fake football.