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Mark your calendars: Broncos set spring practice dates

The Boise State Broncos released their spring practice dates yesterday, ensuring that we will have a very unproductive March and April at our day jobs.

The Boise State football team will kick off spring practices the week of March 9 and will conclude with the annual Blue And Orange Game on April 17.

Somewhere, Kellen Moore is already watching game film on the Boise State defense.

In between March 9 and April 17, the Broncos will practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The team will take a week off for spring break on March 23rd.

March 9th is already less than three months away, and with LOI Day and the NFL Combine to distract us in February, spring practice will be here before we know it. At least, that's what we're telling ourselves to make the offseason seem shorter.

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