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Mack Brown voting Texas No. 1; How about you?

Texas head coach Mack Brown will be voting his Longhorns No. 1 when he places his Coaches' Poll on Friday morning.

During the award ceremony, Texas coach Mack Brown had the following to say:
"I wasn't sure before, right now, in Friday morning I'm going to vote Texas No. 1 because I think this is the best team in the country"

No offense, Mack, but you barely got by Ohio State.

What Mack Brown saw in his Texas team last night that makes him think they deserve the No. 1 ranking is beyond us. We watched parts of the Fiesta Bowl, and all we saw was underwhelmingness. If underwhelmingness were the top criteria for college football polls, the Vandals might be getting more consideration than they currently are.

After hearing of Brown's grand plan, it kind of makes you wish that you had your own vote to cast when the final polls are done following Thursday's national championship game. Well, stop wishing and start voting. We've placed a poll in the sidebar so that OBNUG readers can decide once and for all who the fair and just No. 1 will be.

  • Is it Utah - the only undefeated team in the country?

  • Is it the Florida-Oklahoma winner - the common-law spouse of the BCS?

  • Is it USC - the au pair of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit?

You can even vote for Texas if Mack Brown is holding you at gunpoint. Or Boise State if David Augusto is.

Meet you at the sidebar poll.

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