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Kyle Wilson's family claims Kyle Wilson staying put

It's not as absolute as Kyle Wilson saying it, but we'll take what we can get.

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that Wilson's brothers are reporting that Wilson will stay for his senior season and not turn pro. Kyle Wilson's godparents and third cousins were not available for comment.

Boise State football standout Kyle Wilson, an All-WAC cornerback and All-American punt returner, will return for his senior season, according to his brothers.

Wilson can earn his degree by returning — following the footsteps of brothers Gerry (Princeton) and Vincent (Iowa and Delaware), who also played college football and earned their degrees.
Looks like Michael Atkinson will have to wait to wear the No. 1 for another season.

Wilson's decision is a huge load off for Bronco fans who had queasy, Orlando-Scandrick-ish feelings about Wilson as his remarkable junior season drew to a close. Wilson was ranked as high as the No. 5 cornerback prospect heading into the draft, and his grade from the advisory committee came back as the fourth round or later. Orlando Scandrick would have killed for that kind of pub.

Nevertheless, Wilson's staying will be a huge help to the Bronco defense next year and a huge hindrance to the completion percentage of Nathan Enderle. We didn't say it was a win-win for everyone.

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