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Hawk's new credo: Go join an accountability team, brother

Dan Hawkins and the Colorado Buffaloes did not make a 2008 bowl game, but that's not keeping Hawk from being busy since the season wrapped up in November.

Last month, Hawkins guaranteed 10 wins for Colorado next season, a guarantee that may or may not end up costing him his job. But one thing that's not going to cost him his job is another offseason filled with players running afoul of the law. Last year, the Buffaloes put nine on the police blotter. This year, Hawkins has a plan to fix that.

Hawkins established accountability teams. He held a player draft in which nine nine-man teams were formed. If one player violates an off-the-field rule, not only does he get punished, but so does his whole "team."

To no one's surprise, Johnny "Alkie" Johnson and Leonard Nosecandy were picked last.
"Some things come at you in bursts," Hawkins said. "At least, that was our situation. It was just a leadership issue. What they need to do is see you terminate guys."

Unless they're star players, in which case, Hawkins will hug it out.

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