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Award season hits BSU as the NUGies come to town!

Roll out the berber carpet, put on your fanciest orange button-up shirt, and get ready for a party. The 2009 NUGies are here, and they are spectacular.

By popular demand, the guys at OBNUG have cobbled together an award show to end all award shows. Over the next four days, you will be awash in wonder and amazement and a little nostalgia as we recap the past year of Boise State football. Possible categories include:

  • Player of the year NUGie

  • NUGie Offensive VIP

  • NUGie Defensive VIP

  • Marty Tadman Honorary NUGie for excellence in the field of Marty Tadman

  • NUGie Goldenest arm

  • NUGie Most Fresno-like moment

  • NUGie Punchline of the year

The NUGies are being presented in conjunction with OBNUG's Facebook Group, and as such, you can be privy to the first reveal of the winners by joining and scouring the group page each and every day. Call it an insider's look into the underbelly of the awards circuit. Billy Bush might even be there.

And to prove that this is no throwaway, ordinary award show, the award winners will be mailed actual, tangible awards - in the form of NUGie certificates. We fully expect them to hit eBay within the month.

If you'd like to see a specific category or nomination on this list, simply send us an email or leave us a comment. We'd like this award show to be as similar to the People's Choice Awards (our second favorite award show to the Latin Grammys) as is humanly possible.

The award awarding begins tomorrow. See you then!