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East Coast bias takes solace in P-Bowl attendance

Read and respond:

If college football fans on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains think that Eastern media centers don't respect them, the crowd [73,712 at the Meineke Bowl] in Charlotte--combined with the small crowd in the Poinsettia Bowl--offered a perfect reason why. It's not fair, but as long as West Virginia-North Carolina draws twice as many people as Boise State-TCU (the Poinsettia Bowl attracted alarmingly little national media attention for a game of its stature), teams in the Pacific and Mountain time zones can only complain so much.

This quote was taken from a writer at who obviously lives on the East Coast. We believe that the East Coast media bias exists and that it is good friends with the liberal media bias. As far as the East Coast bias is concerned, using bowl game attendance figures is a red herring argument that does not condone the media's slanted viewpoint. Journalists are supposed to be fair and balanced; they are not supposed to cater to whatever area of the country can draw more people to meaningless postseason games sponsored by auto repair shops and credit unions.

But it is good food for thought.

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