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Desperate times call for free BSU men's b-ball tickets

Boise State men's basketball might not be the hottest ticket in town, but it is definitely the free-est.

The Broncos have tried many different gimmicks over the years to get football fans to come watch the basketball team, but this latest one has got to be the most desperate and unprofitable. They sure have the destitute, homeless demographic nailed, though.

For visiting the official Boise State University Athletic Department website,, we’d like to thank you by giving you 2 FREE TICKETS to any home men’s basketball in the 2008-09 season.

What's next? An open tryout for lady's softball to thank us for using a pirated feed of BroncoVision?

All you have to do to get your seat is email the Broncos' athletic website telling them which home game you want to attend. Plenty of good seats remain, as usual. Here's the list of remaining games that you can mooch. We chose LaTech because we're pretty sure we know a guy who would give us 20 bucks for two tickets.

  • vs. New Mexico State, Thursday, January 22

  • vs. Louisiana Tech, Saturday, January 24

  • vs. Utah State, Saturday, February 14

  • vs. Idaho, Wednesday, February 18

  • vs. Fresno State, Thursday, March 5

  • vs. Nevada, Saturday, March 7

The only catch to marketing scheme is that you have to grant BSU the right to "follow up with your game experience." So long as they are "following up" with some women's soccer swag, we're all for it.

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