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Coming to a P.F. Chang's near you: Jared Zabransky

Dreams (and running jokes) do come true.

Back in October, we joked around that Jared Zabransky had found a job working at the P.F. Chang's in downtown Boise. For some reason, the mental image of Zabransky and a plate of lettuce roll-ups was just too good to pass up.

Our attentive readers picked up on it, too, and Zabransky's P.F. Chang's employment became one of the most successful running jokes in OBNUG history.

Well who's joking now?

It's been reported to us that Jared Zebransky recently turned in an application to work at P.F. Chang's Restaurant. Looks like even the Big Z himself is finally accepting the fact that he is not playing in the NFL.

We hope he put us down as a reference.

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(Thanks to StatueLeft for the tip)