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Boise State takes championship of random website, a repository for Kentucky sports or something (we're not really sure), held a college football playoff on its site over the last few months. And after weeks of upsets and the participation of literally hundreds of Bronco fans, Boise State came away as the winner.

Florida several times pulled to within under five votes, but the Boise fans would have none of it. The final tally was Boise 195, Florida 187. The Boise State Broncos have shocked the world and it is our pleasure to present to them the 2008 Champeenship!!!

Take that, Utah.

Winning this title is quite an honor, but it does bring up a lot of questions. For instance:

  • How will this affect recruiting in Kentucky?

  • Is a "champeenship" the same as a "championship"?

  • When will ESPN pick up the story?

  • Is this site at all affiliated with the BCS? (Preliminary answer: no, but we're keeping our fingers crossed)

  • Why is the pinkie strait? Does it suffer from arthritis?

Many thanks to for giving the Broncos a chance to compete for the title, and best of luck to the site going forward. Whatever it is they do.

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