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Florida, Oklahoma in big game that settles nothing

College football crowns its champion tonight ... depending on how you see things.

The winner of Florida - Oklahoma will have the honor of being locked in an eternal debate with USC, Utah, and Texas over who the fair and true 2009 national champ should be. Oh, and tonight's winner gets a really big crystal football. Woohoo.

To keep you safe and sane during tonight's national championship game (6:00pm, FOX), we've devised a game of BCS bingo that is equal parts Bob Stoops bashing and impossible to actually win. Just like a unanimous national championship!

Feel free to follow along during the game in the comments or, if you're anything like us, fall asleep in the third quarter and wake up three hours later wondering why Blind Date reruns are on TV and you're covered in Cheetos. Either way, it sounds like a good time to us.