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Auxiliary NUGie results: Blogs, alumni, and Fresno

The first annual NUGie awards are a celebration of the players, plays, moments, and memories from the past year of Boise State football. Get backstage information on the OBNUG Facebook group, and learn more about the awards on the NUGies homepage.

Auxiliary NUGies

Every award show has its lesser-known award winners, the ones that don't make it into the final broadcast due to time constraints or the fact that no one really knows anything about them. (The Grammy for best folk duo? Hello?)

The NUGies are no different. Prior to the start of the NUGie cermonies on Tuesday, we handed out some hardware for a number of deserving achievements. Here are your winners:

NUGie Best OBNUG post

Winner: Blog bet. There's no beating Kellen Moore drinking the Pacific Ocean.

NUGie Player we wished would have never left

  • Nick Lomax. Without him, Kellen Moore had to fill the immobile white quarterback role.

  • Ryan Clady. Became an All-Pro in his rookie season with the Broncos. Apparently, this is better than having the chance to be All-WAC.

  • Orlando Scandrick. Took his CB skills and shirtlessness skills to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Aiona Key. Seeing him win another BCS game with Utah was rather bittersweet.

Winner: Ryan Clady. We don't even want to think about what this season could have been like with him in the lineup.

NUGie Most Fresno-like moment

  • Fresno State finishing 7-6 after beginning the season ranked in the Top 25.

  • Idaho losing 70-0 to Arizona, getting caught with their pants logo in the wrong place, and causing an uproar over cheerleader midriffs.

  • Broncos not playing Jeremy Avery enough in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Winner: Fresno State. Although Idaho would have totally won the award for Most Idaho-like moment.