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AP poll respects Broncos; USA Today not as much

The AP poll and the USA Today poll often see things differently. The AP poll views college football using fairness; the USA Today uses a mood ring from a CrackerJack box.

This is why you can get two disparaging results in the final polls that were released today. Boise State finished No. 11 in the AP's version and No. 13 in the USA Today. But to the USA Today's credit, Georgia does have that one really good running back guy.

(Sidenote: The headlines for the two local papers regarding this story were quite teling. The Statesman chose a rather pessimistic "Boise State falls in final polls" and the Press-Tribune went with a neutral "Boise State NO. 11 in final AP poll." The Magic Valley Times-News has yet to catch wind of the story.)

All in all, a Top 15 finish is nothing to be ashamed of. We thought the Broncos would land around No. 12, so we can't complain one way or another with the way things turned out. Plus, finishing this high in the polls should set up Boise State very well for a preseason ranking in the summer.

We imagine it will be No. 20 in the AP poll, also receiving votes in the USA Today.

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