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And the NUGie for Favorite Play goes to ...

The first annual NUGie awards are a celebration of the players, plays, moments, and memories from the past year of Boise State football. Get backstage information on the OBNUG Facebook group, and learn more about the awards on the NUGies homepage.

NUGie Favorite Play

Presented by Dan Hawkins:

It's Division I football! It's the NUGies! This ain't the Idaho Statesman players of the year. If you want a safe, unspectacular award ceremony, go pick up a Parade magazine, brother.

Bigger isn't better; Boise State is better. And as these plays show, the Broncos were at their best this season.

Like a wise man once said, "He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions." Also, "When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you." And, "Leave me alone, David Augusto." With these teachings in mind, here are the nominees for NUGie Favorite Play ...

  • Ian Johnson TD run vs. Nevada. Made even better by the fact that he pulled it out of thin air and then went back to rushing for 1.7 ypc the rest of the game.

  • Vinny Perretta TD catch vs. Oregon. A beautifully thrown bomb to an open Perretta; the icing on the Oregon win cake.

  • Kyle Wilson punt return vs. Fresno State. Broke open a close game that was just asking to be broke open.

  • Kellen Moore fake fumble pass. Wonderfully designed fake caught Oregon and ourselves completely off guard.

  • Jeron Johnson hit on Idaho State QB Russell Hill. Instant YouTube sensation, even though Hill did walk it off.

And the NUGie Favorite Play goes to ...

Congratulations to Vinny Perretta TD catch. If this award were judged solely on the number of fistpumps and breathless "Yes"'s we did at the time, it would have been a landslide.