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And the NUGie for Best Conference Mustache goes to ...

The first annual NUGie awards are a celebration of the players, plays, moments, and memories from the past year of Boise State football. Get backstage information on the OBNUG Facebook group, and learn more about the awards on the NUGies homepage.

NUGie Best Conference Mustache

Presented by the Oxy Clean guy:

Do you love hair? Do you love it so much that you want little strands of it to fall out in your soup and tickle your nostrils on the way down? Do you love it so much you want to wear it as a lip toupee and give it a name like Rockefeller and buy it Christmas gifts?

These guys do! And boy, do I have a deal for them. In the next two minutes, one of them is going to win the NUGie for Best Conference Mustache, and all of that Just for Men and heavy combing will finally pay off. You can't beat a deal like that! Just set it and forget it! Or something like that!

Here are the nominees for NUGie Best Conference Mustache:

  • Robb Akey's mustache. Thick, self-aware, street smart.

  • Brent Guy's mustache. Full-bodied, benevolent, socially awkward.

  • Karl Benson's mustache. Trim, dapper, supporter of the arts.

  • Pat Hill's mustache. Wispy, overrated, more like a fu manchu than a mustache.

And the NUGie Best Conference Mustache award goes to ...

Congratulations to Robb Akey's mustache. May this award serve as the final push for the mustache gaining play-calling duties at the University of Idaho.